Beauty Accessories Must Haves

Most of you probably already own some of the products that I’m going to enlist here. But it’s still good to know that there are other people like you who really love the products that you use.

We all have these expensive skincare and makeup products, but unless we have the perfect tools and accessories to use with these, we cannot utilize the maximum benefits of these products. There are sponges or brushes that when used with a certain type of cream absorbs and eats the product entirely before it touches the face. There are ones which repels anything that you put in them.


A number one must have beauty accessory is the Beauty Blender. You can see use this with anything! Be it powder, cream or oil. Name it and this tear shaped sponge applies anything onto your face evenly. It’s also a good alternative for blending brushes if your face is not the brush type.

Clarisonic electric facial brush exfoliator is a blessing to everyone’s skincare routine. It deeply cleanses the skin, reaching in to the pores and removing any deeply set dirt and chemicals. This can get rid of any skin discoloration and prevent skin impurities caused by dirt and pollution.

For makeup blending, Becca’s One Perfecting Brush is just the right tool for it. It is a flat brush with really soft and smooth hair. It functions as ten different blending brushes. This is a very genius move for Becca especially to people who are always on the go, and does not have the time to take care of hundreds of makeup brushes.