My Brightening Beauty: Favorite Beauty Products

There’s no such thing as an ideal beauty routine. All of us possess different kinds of beauty. But taking care of our skin is the most vital point in sharing our own beauty to the world. These are some of my most favorite beauty products that will keep your skin’s natural beauty.

First of all, I love using the classic Beauty Blender. It’s very convenient because it can be used with anything. It can be used in applying skincare products easily compared to using your bare hands which will just absorb the product.

I also love L’core Paris products especially the ones infused with gems like Diamond, Ruby and Emerald. It’s really amazing to see how these precious stones effectively treat skin problems rapidly. Aside from L’core Paris, I also like the skincare products produced by Chanel, Dior and La Mer. They all have really amazing and unique skincare products that also produce moderately fast effects.

For makeups, my most favorite item is Tarte’s Brazilliance. This is a line of tanning products that stays on to the skin for long hours. These products are also very convenient to use because they come in different forms. I often use Brazilliance tanning towelettes which looks just like wet tissues and you just have to wipe it all over your face and you’ll have your Tan in an instant.

Last, but not the least, is Becca’s The One Perfecting Brush. This is a bar like brush that’s pretty huge and convenient to use. This very convenient since this brush is made to function as 10 different blending brushes all rolled into one bar of brush. If you prefer using brush instead of sponge, this is a very good alternative for Beauty Blenders.