My Brightening Beauty: Fast Acting Beauty Brands

What we always look for a beauty brand is how fast and drastic the skin changes will be after just one use. Especially with the skincare products that are really expensive. Spending thousands of dollars for skincare products can be a really great risk. But let me just share to you some of the skincare products that actually produces fast results.

Fast acting Brands

First on my list is L’core Paris cosmetics. This brand is super unreal. They have products like 60 Second Face Lifting Cream that gives the skin results instantly (yes, 60 seconds). Now this is what we can call fast acting. L’core Paris use exotic luxury ingredients like Diamond, Ruby and Emerald to their products and these gems somehow sped up the process of skin treatments. This has been my most favorite brand ever since I’ve first tried it years ago.

Next brand would be La Mer. Crème De La Mer gained great hype from the cosmetics industry after popular beauty personalities have recommended this product. I tried using it and I’ve instantly became a fan of La Mer. There are some bad products, but majority of La Mer products are outstanding.

I also love Christian Dior’s skincare products. L’or De Vie produce drastic anti-aging results after 3-5 uses and it’s considerably fast compared to other anti-aging skincare products that takes effect after 2-3 long months of continuous usage. This is one of Dior’s most expensive products, but it’s really worth shot if you want to look 2 years younger after a week.