My Brightening Beauty: Fashionably Even Toned Skin

Dark patches and blemishes can be a little troublesome for our overall look. Foundations and concealers are not always there to rescue our skins especially when you’re running an hour late to your company meeting.

There are BB Creams and CC Creams being manufactured everywhere. However, are all of them effective? Here are some of my favorite skin correctors that are really fast acting.

My most favorite, and takes effect the fastest, is L’core Paris’ 24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream. This is a cream that has actual Gold mineral in it, that deeply moisturizes the skin throughout the day and removes dead skin cells. By removing the dead skin cells, the treatment evens out the skin to match with the original tone of the skin. Once it replenishes the skin, it protects it from further UV damages that can cause discoloration while treating the skin. It also has multiple anti-oxidants which can ward off pollution and dirt that may also cause the skin in developing impurities.

Next one on the pan is La Mer’s The New Perfecting Cream. This is a multi action skin corrector that not just brightens up the skin, but it also softens and firms it up for complete youthful look. In just one use, this product already produced remarkable effects.

Another one brilliant item is the Chanel’s UV Essentiel. This is sort of a moisturizing product that protects the skin from the sun and at the same time corrects the skin to even it out with the original skin tone. It is very lightweight, but it can get a little oily after a long wear. But it can be quickly solved with a quick dusting.

Aside from UV protectors and skin correctors, deep and yet, mild exfoliation can also help with removing dark patches. Clarisonic, or any electric facial exfoliation brush is a good touch to deeply cleanse the pores and free it from discoloration causing pollution.