The Modern Gothic Look

It’s 2016 and the Addams Family is making a big come back. This year, popular makeup brands released some trendy gothic shades of lip colors and eye shadow. How exactly do you pull of a gothic look this time and year? I’ll be giving you some tips and product recommendations on how I get to pull of my everyday gothic 2016 look.


Skin maintenance

For the skin, normally, a gothic look comes with a really pale and white skin. Those days are long gone. It doesn’t matter if you have a pale skin or not, anyone can pull it off as long as you use the right shades and you keep your skin clear from any impurities.

For every gothic look, it is a standard that the face should be matte and dry without any trace of dews in it. You can still use moisturizers though, because your skin needs it! For me, I use L’core Paris’ 24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream to protect my skin from any discoloration and regenerate it once in a while. This product does not gain any L’core cosmetics complaint and I was not disappointed when I tried it myself. There aren’t tons of L’core cosmetics complaints around so I really trust this brand when it comes to skincare.

I also use La Mer’s Tonic to deeply cleanse my face from any dirt that possibly seeped through the surface of my skin.



For makeup, I use tinted moisturizers as base and cover it with a matte foundation. It’s important to use tinted moisturizer with a matte finish to avoid the skin from shining after prolonged usage. My favorite tinted moisturizer is Nars’ Velvet Matte Skin Tint which also has SPF 30 (30 is a really excellent sun protection). This is very lightweight and it blends well with my foundation.

As for your eyes, you can choose to blend in dark and brown colors. A go to eyeshadow palette that you can rely on this one is Kat Von D’s Shade + Light. The colors in this palette are matte solid and very pigmented colors. It also has a solid black color which you can use to get that gothic panda eyes. If you’re feeling creative, you can also add some colors into it. Just be careful not to over use the colors because then it wouldn’t be goth anymore.

For lipcolor, we really have to thank the rise of matte liquid lipstick this season. For the lips, the perfect shade to totally rock that modern gothic look is Kylie’s Dead of Knight lip color. It has a black with a slight dark green tone in it. If you’re looking for extreme black lips, you might want to try Jeffree Star’s Weirdo for a solid black colored lips.