My Brightening Beauty: Classic Skin Moisture

We all know that beeswax is being widely used in skincare products. Indeed, it is highly effective. Beeswax specializes in deep skin moisturization. However, most of us also know that excessive deep moisturization can also do different kinds of harms in the skin. The biggest concern is its potential development of aging signs caused by the loose skin from too much hydration and moisture. To balance things out, deep moisturization can go hand in hand with anti-aging skin care products or skin protein stimulating treatments.


The most popular skin protein that prevents the skin from losing its texture is collagen. It is a kind of protein that can be found in the human skin. It holds up the whole texture of the skin to keep it firm and prevent  it from skin sagging that eventually develops into deep wrinkles and fine lines.

By stimulating the collagen of our skin along with ultra deep moisturization, the skin can keep itself from developing aging signs and skin sagging due to loss of texture.

Emerald Collection

L’core Paris was able to develop deep moisturization treatment while keeping the texture of the skin intact and firm. The Emerald Collection is consist of three Emerald Collagen skincare products. This collection is one the skincare items ever made that received zero L’core products complaint this season.

The product is highly effective and fast acting. A regulated deep moisturization can be instantly observed and ultra firm skin can be felt after only using the Emerald Collagen products thrice. To ensure the maximum collagen enriched results, it is recommended to use all of the products in the L’core Paris Emerald Collection.

All Natural Extracts

We never see the emerald gemstone from anything other than jewelry and ornaments. If we study about the basic components of the  emerald, we will see that the emerald is naturally formed with  its wide use of  natural oil and firm up itself without losing  its own oil.

From there, we can safely assume that emeralds are rich  in moisture and hydration when applied to skincare. It is very rich in moisture that it actually surpasses your normal  moisturizing skincare products. The collagen stimulants were added to the emerald products to prevent the skin from developing any signs  of aging  due to too much moisture.

Other L’core Paris products are also rich moisture and anti-aging treatments. Most of the products contain beeswax, which is a high source of moisture combined with anti-aging skincare treatments to balance out the nutrients received  by the body.