L'Core Paris Fake

Are You Buying Fake Makeup?

It is tempting to buy fake cosmetic products especially online. There are women who despite knowing that the products are fake still purchase them out of a whim. But this behavior is very dangerous, because it can create long term skin problems.

Fake cosmetics and skin care products is made from harsh chemicals, if used regularly they can cause skin blisters, allergy and even cancer.

While there is bargain or cheaper authentic cosmetics, they only do these through their promotions and never in random retail stores especially online.


Is buying fake products worth a try?

I have experience in buying fake cosmetics. When I was still starting out at work and had very little money to purchase cosmetics and skin care. I relied on some fake products. But the price was costly, it resulted to darkening in some areas of my skin and it proved to be more expensive to treat it afterwards.

This made me decide to research on the products that I am using on my face. While there are some products that are a bit more expensive, they last longer, do not expire immediately and are definitely safer for my skin.

As my career became better, this prompted me to make better choices with the cosmetics that I am using.

Many of the fake products that I used are shipped from China and just resold on eBay. One of the most commonly faked products right now is Urban Decay and NAKED.  These cosmetics are copied for a fraction of the price, and many women fall for the beautiful packaging.

Some fake cosmetics and even skin care would smell good. But the ingredients found on the label contain dangerous chemical components that are not really part of the authentic skin care formula.

Fake cosmetics contain dangerous amounts of lead, mercury and at times cyanide and because of this I was prompted to buy only from genuine retail stores.


Is L’Core Paris fake?

I was prompted to create this review for the L’Core Paris to asses if the product is safe or not. Is L’Core Paris fake?

Before judging the cosmetic brand I had to try it for myself. I bought the Sapphire Milk Cleanser and the Facial Cleansing Mousse on www.lcoreparis.com. The shipment arrived on time, and I was handed a beautiful packaging with the logo of L’Core Paris.

The Sapphire Milk Cleanser and the facial cleansing Mousse contained organic ingredients and fruit extracts made of cucumber and coconut oil. I added both of these products in my daily skin care regimen and observed if they will cause an allergic reaction just like other fake products being sold.

To my surprise, I have positive things to say about the L’Core Paris products that I have tried.

Because of a really good experience from L’Core Paris, I decided to visit one of their retail stores at high street in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Fake products are hard to sell in high street shops

One of the things that I considered upon deciding if L’Core Paris is a fake cosmetic product is the location of its stores. Most counterfeit cosmetics cannot operate in good locations, it is quite rare. You would have to be a worldwide cosmetic brand before you can get a retail shop in Mandalay Bay. L’ core Paris on the other hand was situated in an affluent community.

I personally visited one of their stores and was impressed by the assistance from the staff. Being experienced cosmetics buyers I knew the questions to ask. The staff was more than willing to assist with my needs. Because of this I was impressed and decided that the products are worth trying.


Investing in your skin

5 years ago, you would not even see me buying a luxury product. But things have changed and my lifestyle has changed. I have worked hard for the life that I wanted and I am not able to afford cosmetic skin care that will benefit my skin.

I have learned that investing in your skin is one of the top priorities. People put so much consideration in a person’s physical appearance. It does have an impact on your success and the way you believe in yourself. The cosmetic products that I am using are now only authentic. I do away with fake and I research on the ingredients.

The L’ core Paris brand was able to get my attention, the products they are selling are to die for.


Do luxury cosmetics actually perform better than simpler, cheaper alternatives?

In my own experience, the answer is a definite yes. Although L’Core Paris is a bit more expensive than other brands, it is able to provide better and faster results. This is because they make use of better ingredients. Cheap cosmetic products tend to use ingredients like laureth sulfate that can cause skin cancer. Cosmetic brands like L’Core have spent millions to advance their research on the cosmetics that they are selling.

High end cosmetic products are well researched. The strength of the active ingredients is also twice as fast. The facial creams that I have tried from L’Core Paris like the Multi Use Cream work well under my makeup and bind better with my skin compared with the cheaper products I have tried before. My trust in high end luxury brands have increased. If you want to look like a high end celebrity then you definitely need to work on using products that are suited for your skin.


Verdict on the L’Core Paris:

L’Core Paris is another great cosmetic brand; it is in line with brands like Chanel and Estee Lauder. The company is not fake and I am seeing great things from this new player in the cosmetic industry. It is always good to learn about new products. I am excited in trying more products from L’Core Paris like the Wrinkle Filler Cream and the Hawaiian Exotic Soufflé.

I am leaving this testimonial as proof of the benefits that I was able to experience with L’Core Paris.