Favorite Moisturizers of the Season

A good skincare routine starts with how good your moisturizer is. Products being applied to the skin are actually dependent on your moisturizer. If your moisturizer is thick and oily enough, it might just reject any products that you put on your face. Then if the moisturizer is too thin and it doesn’t get rid the flakes off from your dry skin, pigmentation will be your number one problem.


I will list down some of my favorite moisturizers that perform best in every skin type. I experimented using these moisturizers in a super dry skin and oily skin. To my delight, these moisturizers worked in both skin types.

  • Crème De La Mer – This is one of my top favorite moisturizing creams. This is an all-around magic cream that can also gradually clear out the skin from fine lines and wrinkles, aside from deeply moisturizing it.


  • Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer in SPF 15 – Everyone would be pleased that this tinted moisturizer comes in fifteen different shades, which are suitable also or every skin type. This tinted moisturizer is very lightweight and it does not oil or shine after long wear. And you also get moderate protection from the sun.


  • L’core Paris 24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream – A moisturizing cream that has gold extract in it. This product has been gathering hype in the luxury cosmetics community. However, there are also claims that L’core products fake their promises. This was actually rendered untrue since recently there have been reports that there are knock off versions of L’core Paris products that may have confused some of the consumers. But this cream proves to me that L’core is an excellent brand. This cream repairs the skin, and at the same time protects it from further UV damages almost instantly. This definitely doesn’t prove that L’core products fake their effects.


  • Clarins’ Multi Active Day – This cream can also serve as an anti aging cream that at the same time moisturizer. This a very lightweight cream that is also durable for long wear. It also has anti-oxidants which can ward off any dirt or pollution that may cause impurities.


Recommended skincare routine

Before hitting the sack, face cleansing is the normal routine. Using a very mild makeup remover or toner can help avoid skin dehydration. After clearing your skin from any chemicals and surface dirt, once or twice a week, exfoliate the face with a Clarisonic exfoliating facial brush to remove any deep set dirt. After thoroughly cleansing the face, moisturize the skin deeply with your trusted moisturizer and let it sit as you sleep.