L’core Paris Peel of Sapphire Review

The L’core Paris Collection provides the best of Parisian beauty and skin care solutions that are designed to pamper, nurture and nourish your body with qualitative natural ingredients. Proven skin enhancement and natural balance restoring products have been formulated from plant extracts, organic oils and other skin health enhancement solutions for a refreshing and restoring effect. Products in the  L’core facial range includes the L’core Paris Facial Cleansing Mousse and the L’core Paris Peel of Sapphire that are redefined facial solutions to produce that fresh and brightened effect with resplendent glow.

Why Facial Peel

The face is the first part of your body that people get to see each time they relate with you, so it is vital that this part of your body receive the pampering and nurture that can be provided. The peel process is an added step to aid your natural processes since underlying cells naturally age, wear off, and gets replacement from new cell growth to keep your skin aglow. L’core Paris Peel of Sapphire effect is formulated to give you the results that will be long lasting and astounding.

L’core Paris Peel of Sapphire Active Ingredients

L’core Paris Peel of Sapphire contains mineral that expressly works with the anti-oxidant and life –giving minerals including natural properties of Ginseng, Rosemary, Echinacea and the famed Green Tea Extracts. All these constituents are highly virile in combating the ravages of clogged pores by pulling out every trace of skin damage and washout makeup components from layers of your skin.facial-peel

Sebaceous glands produce oils in their natural processes, and these find a way to cling to dead skin cells and produce facial disorders. The combined effects of L’core Paris Peel of Sapphire dislodges the accumulated oil wastes, cleansing your cells and leaving them reinvigorated for a healthy and cleansed facial.  Clogged pores are known to lead to recurrent acne and that is the reason that facial peels are recommended to uproot traces of the stretching and dilating effects of prolonged acne, on your skin cells.

Propyl paraben, Vitamin E Carbomer, Dead Sea-sourced Sea Salts, Aloe Barbendensis Leaf Extracts and other active ingredients in L’core Paris Peel of Sapphire are also present in varying quantities to ensure that your facial cells work effortlessly to expel dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads  for a glowing you.

L’core Paris Peel of Sapphire is applied to your face with a series of simple yet gentle swirling repeated motion of the fingers, to work its way deep into layers of your skin. The legendary properties of the constituent minerals in this wonder-working facial solution works to help your skin retain moisture in order to maintain the optimal PH balance around those delicate facial areas.