My Brightening Beauty: Holiday Skincare

It is the season for the cold holidays. Warming up the cores or our bodies is hard enough. Getting our skin up and healthy is much harder. The skin’s hydration is very sensitive to our environment’s temperature. Exposing it to too much heat can use up the skin’s hydration storage, while cold weathers can block the skin’s pores and lock moisture inside our bodies. Both of these conditions will dry up the skin and may cause the skin to flake and develop rashes and irritations. Being sensitive to your surroundings can help you adjust your skincare routine and prevent possible skin damages.

L’core Paris released a collection of skincare products that are infused with actual ruby gemstones. This collection is called the Ruby Collection and it specializes on regulating heat onto the skin. What it does is that it conducts heat from the body’s temperature and amplify it to focus on certain areas of the skin that need a dose of heat. Ruby consists of high heat conducting components like chromium and aluminum oxide. With Ruby’s very high melting point, it becomes vulnerable to the littlest amount of heat so it ca absorb some heat even if our bodies are cold from the weather. The gathered body heat will be amplified with chromium and aluminum oxide components. Once amplified, the heat collected will start spreading around the applied area and open up the pores to let our skin’s natural hydration come out. The heat will also help the skin emanate some natural color (cheek natural blush).

Ruby Collection

L’core Paris’ Ruby Collection consists of three ruby powder infused skincare products. These products gathered outstanding positive L’core luxury reviews throughout the cosmetics market because of its unique and effective way of conducting heat onto the skin healthily. L’core Paris’ Ruby Collection include:

  • Lavo Bio Thermal Cream
  • Lavo Bio Thermal Serum
  • Lavo Bio Thermal Mask

Starting with the Lavo Bio Thermal Cream, this cream is an ideal night moisturizing reinforcer. The skin tends to be super dry during the night since our bodies repair any broken tissues. This is the highest priority of the body while at rest. Reinforcing your moisturizer with this will help your skin in producing natural oil from the body and maximize whatever small hydration released.

Ruby Collection’s Lavo Bio Thermal Serum is an ideal use for pre-makeup skin preparation. This will open up the skin’s pores and help it produce natural hydration throughout the day. It will also give the skin some natural color so you wouldn’t have to pack your skin up with makeup. Using day moisturizers with anti-pollution and UV protection is a recommended partner for this serum to avoid getting your skin damaged by dirt stuck in the skin’s pores.

Lastly, if your skin does not need any heat at the moment, you can use the Lavo Bio Thermal Mask once in a while to keep the skin’s natural hydration and healthy glow. L’core Paris’ Ruby Collection did not top the L’core luxury reviews for no reason, so you can count on these products to warm up the skin this winter.