Sparkles and Glitz: Tinted Moisturizers and Super Radiant Skin

Halloween is coming in fast and it’s finally time to pull off those witch and fairy costumes from the dressers. Your colleagues might have noticed that you pulled off the same look last year and the year before that. Why not improve and amp up the look with some of the most popular and trending products this year? In here, I will be sharing some of my ideas to achieve a natural radiant skin and makeup recommendations to get you through any Halloween Party glamorously.

First off, we need to maintain the skin healthy and as much as possible clear from any discoloration any impurities to whip up makeup and glitters smoothly.

What’s the ideal skincare routine?

There is actually no one great and eternal skincare routine. The skincare routine depends on the skin’s type. There are skins which are naturally oily, as well as ultra dry. But let me just say that just because your skin is oily, you can skip moisturizing. A big no no. Moisturizer not only hydrates the skin, but it also improves the skin elasticity and suppleness. It also helps in getting rid of obvious lines and wrinkles.

There have been L’Core reviews that commend its rapid effects. I for one am amazed how fast acting their products are. So let me just add to those commendations in those L’Core Reviews. To start off with the routine, exfoliating and face cleansing comes in first. I recommend using L’Core Paris’ Sapphire Cleansing Mousse and Facial Toner. The formulas of these products are really mild, and it will save your skin from irritation due to extreme dryness. You would have to moisturize immediately before heading to your night cream. In the morning, use skin regenerative moisturizers and serums to get rid of dead skin cells and protect the delicate replenished layer of the skin. I highly recommend using the following tinted moisturizers to get you through the day:

  • Lancome Bienfait Teinte in SPF 30 – Very lightweight and has strong SPF!
  • Omorovicza Complexion Perfector in SPF 20 – Multi action tinted moisturizer which can be a concealer, anti-aging treatment and skin tone corrector.
  • La Mer The Reperative Skintint – Maximum skin regeneration effects and is very soft to the skin. This is also in SPF 30, which is relatively strong and can protect your skin from any future discoloration damages

In finalizing your makeup, just sprinkle your skin with some illuminating powder (Yves’ Illuminating Finishing Powder or Guerlain Pearls are good choices) to add more radiance to your look.