Skin Care habits  to have when you are in your 30s

I am now in my 30s and I really need my skin to be in good condition or make up looks less than great. While I seem to have gotten my acne under control, it was only because I started having better habits when it comes to the skin care products that I use. Over the years, there are a lot of rip-offs that I have encountered when it comes to cosmetic products but instead of losing faith I dived into the subject and found better skin care products instead.

In the past I don’t even have a real moisturizer, in your 20s you just think that you can get away with any skin irritation because your skin is still supple. But there are changes that will occur and if you do not find ways to protect your skin while you still can, you can end up looking very old when you get to 50. Who says that we need to look grumpy and old when we reach a certain age? Because of a really good skin care routine that I have learned for the past years I am able to achieve a younger look. My classmates always tell me that I don’t seem to age and that I look much better than when they last saw me.

They keep on asking me about my skin care secrets and of course I recommend certain products that I have tried and tested myself. One in particular asked me if L’Core Paris was a ripoff? She passed by at their store at Mandalay Bay and she was offered some of the skin care products on sight. She refused to purchase some of the products during that time, believing that she has no one to attest to the products. The good thing about this story though is that I already tested the L’Core Paris products myself, particularly the Sapphire Collection.

I have chanced upon the items online and because I am always interested in adding new skin care treatments that work on my skin I have already ordered them last year.

Thoughts on the L’Core Paris products

It has taken me a long time, lots of trial and error but I have finalized a skin care routine that works for me and good news L’Core products are on the list. My first guarantee is that L’Core Paris ripoff claims is not true. I was not in scammed in anyway, when I purchased the items online they arrived on time and the products really worked on my face. I have been using the Sapphire Milk Cleanser and the Multi Use cream for 6 months now and I am proud to say that my skin looks better now than it did five years ago.

When I was in my 20s I don’t really remove my make up before going to bed and hardly used any moisturizer. Unknowingly this was really harmful for my face and this resulted to dark spots. When I reached the age of 30 that is where I noticed sunspots appearing. This was a result of not wearing enough sunscreen. Because I did not moisturize my skin fine lines and wrinkles started coming out and worse I also have visible pores on my cheeks and my skin got drier.

Foundation did nothing to correct the imperfections, the make-up did not look as polished as it used to. Because of this I came to the realization that I need to make an effort. No make- up in the world is going to make it look right. I had to get focused on making my skin look healthier because I can never take back the time.

I don’t want to look in the mirror one day, thinking that I should have invested on my skin more. After all, this is my body and it was my business to take care of it.

A skin care routine habit that really works

I did not observe many changes at first, even as I used L’Core Paris products, when I first started out my routine it was normal to think that I got ripped off. But looking back and comparing the changes that I have seen on my face I am glad that I still started and no one would really believe right now  that I am already 39 years old.

Over the years, including more money towards skin care has become a priority, looking better and not investing on make up too much was a good move. After all, what the point is of make up if your skin is suffering from terrible irritation, acne and skin discoloration. I wanted to be able to walk outside without any make up and feel confident that I look great because my skin is smooth.

My skin care routine

If I am already exhausted and don’t want to feel like putting water on my face I just go for the 24k Night cream from L’Core Cosmetics.  If I am too tired the 24K night cream makes me feel at ease that I am still using enough protection for my skin. I just put the cream before sleeping but before doing this I make it a point to use the Facial toner from L’Core Paris.  Even without water these two formulas from L’Core Paris still delivers what I need. I apply it on my skin and it dissolves make up quickly.

When I want a more luxurious effect during my free time I make it a point to apply the Brightening Cream serum from L’Core Paris. It contains pearls that really make me feel relaxed.

It is a fragrant product and works like a spa treatment on my face. I add an eye serum when I know that I am going to attend a party the next day, this really helps in making sure that I don’t have tired eyes. This routine has provided me many years of comfort and has led me to the healthy skin that I have right now. I left this review for L’Core Paris to guarantee other clients that this company is not a ripoff.