Effective Skin Brightening Routine

Pigmentation can be really troublesome when it comes to putting on your makeup. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars in makeup products from our favorite designer brands to assure the pigment of their colors. Pigmentation is very important in choosing the right makeup products since there is no point in getting a palette that doesn’t even put a shade on your skin. Most of the times, pigmentation problem usually rely on the product’s formulation. There are times when it is our skin that’s the problem. No matter how good or how expensive the product is, the skin rejects the formula and it just doesn’t emanate the color of the product. It might be that your skin is too dry or too flaky to absorb any chemicals. It can also be that the discoloration on your skin covers up the layer of your skin that can absorb makeup pigmentations and colors.

Skin exfoliation and moisturizing treatments are the good way to go if we want to improve the pigmentation of cosmetics on our skin.


Products you can use

A good exfoliator and a moisturizing cream are the products to look for. You can check out L’core Paris’ Sapphire Mousse Cleanser. This is your best choice for mild facial cleansers. There have been rumors that these products are some sort of L’core ripoff scam. Though shortly after these rumors, it is proven that L’core Paris is a certified brand that uses only authentic ingredients with its justifiable rapid effects and permanent benefits to the skin. Along with the cleanser, you can also use one of Clarisonic’s electric facial exfoliation brush. This will help the skin in removing dirt and pollutants from pores hard to reach in depth spots of the skin.

For moisture, L’core Paris’ Diamond Collection, especially the 60 Second Face Lifting Cream gathered a considerably high amount of positive reviews from the beauty world since its release. This is an instant cream based facial mask than can remove the wrinkles and fine lines on the face by instantly pulling the skin. It can also hydrate the skin to keep well moisturized for the whole day. This is enough reason not to tag L’core ripoff yet, as long as it can give as excellent results.

Another effective moisturizer, also from L’core Paris, is the Brightening Cream/Serum from their Pearl collection. The serum contains more moisture and can be easily absorbed by the skin, since its formula is more liquidized than the cream. Using Pearl extracts these products peels of dead skin cells and corrects the tone of the skin to its original color.