Asian Review of L’Core Paris

When it comes to skin care products it is already known that I am picky. I don’t usually recommend products that I have not tested myself and most of the facial creams that I have used in the past failed the test. There are a number of products that turned out to be a scam.

I reviewed the L’Core Paris scam claims and to check if this high end luxury brand is really worth it.

If there is anything that readers know about me is that I complain. I live for complaining and have a lot of time to review skin care cosmetic products.

On top of the bucket list is the L’Core Luxury cosmetic products.

Is this cosmetic brand formulated in Europe going to blend well with my Asian skin?

When I go online to do some shopping I usually spend a fair amount of money buying an entire skin care product line. Instead of just buying one item I just buy 4 or more skin care cosmetics form a particular brand. Experience will tell you that it is better to use products by batch.

Most of the facial creams, toners and serum work better if you use the same products and formulation instead of combining them. It is also much safer to do this.

L’Core Paris Pearl Collection

For the month of August I decided to purchase the Pearl collection of L’Core Paris, this batch of skin care products includes a brightening cream, brightening mask and a brightening serum.

The question that you are probably asking right now is if the L’Core Paris product is a scam?

The first thing that customers like you need to know, is that a cosmetic brand can only be qualified as a scam if it does not deliver positive results. If the ingredients used are arsenic in nature and if it is not licensed, the L’Core Paris on the other hand according to the research I made has a headquarters in Mandalay, Las Vegas and has reputable stores in Europe and Australia.

I checked the main website and the Amazon store of L’Core luxury cosmetics and it seems legit to me. The transaction is clear on the website and the ingredients of the products and where they come from are included. This is a refreshing thing to know, because most skin care cosmetics scam websites that I have encountered make use of fake photos of doctors that are affiliated with them and most do not have a license.

The prices of the products are a bit higher than other skin care products that I know but this is because they are offering high quality ingredients that are still sourced out from Israel.

This means, that the ingredients are natural and not made from chemicals as opposed to other cheap cosmetic products that are being sold online.

Usually I am willing to pay for more just to be treated with better care, after all it is my skin and to be able to look 5 to 10 years younger matters more to me.

I have learned that the ingredients of the brightening serum and the brightening cream are from Israel and this made the products a bit intriguing.

What is with the soil of Israel? Is it rich with minerals that are essential for the skin?  Are their products able to match the standard that Korean beauty products have set over the last decade?

Being the inquisitive blogger that I am I took the time to browse through the common minerals and ingredients used in cosmetics that are sourced from Israel.

Israel as seen through my research is rich in natural minerals and oils that are essential to the ingredients. This is the main reason why the L’Core products that I tried are so good.

While I will naturally gravitate towards Asian products, it does not seem bad at all to discover other products like L’Core Paris.

While there are brands that I still have an undying love and devotion. It pays well to explore other emerging brands. I tend to stay away from Chanel and Estee Lauder not because they are not useful or that they do not provide benefits. I just want to discover new creams that are made from advanced technology.

Everything is about nanotechnology patents nowadays and any skillful cosmetic blogger should go with the time and explore options.

Room for improvement

I think that I would be using more L’Core Paris products especially the Sapphire Milk cleanser in the future. But I am also expecting more discounts and potential offers of coupons for this luxury brand.

Despite spending a high amount on cosmetic products I still want to experience discounts from time to time. I would regularly check the site to see if L’Core Paris will be offering free samples especially with the creams that contain gold and diamond powder.

I get frequent emails from people asking me if L’Core Paris is a scam, it means that this brand is getting worldwide attention and people are getting curious about it. The best way is to try the product itself- and to experience it. I have had a positive experience. While, it is not the most perfect solution for every facial skin problem out there, it does bring back the faith when it comes to finding luxury cosmetic brands that are worth it.

In my point of view I shall be expecting more products from L’Core Paris that are made not just out of gemstones but other types of emeralds if there are any. It seems that adding a bit of fruity and juicy extracts would also help the ingredients transform into better type of products.

As an Asian beauty blogger, there are so many things that can be explored when it comes to skin care products and that is the beauty of it. This is why I do the product reviews- it has become a hobby that is addicting and rewarding at the same time.