Pharmaceutical grade raw material in cosmetics

Pharmaceutical grade raw material in cosmetics ensures their impeccable quality

There are many reasons why L’core Paris makes use of pharmaceutical grade raw materials. This is because the values and standards in cosmetic grade raw materials are very different from those of the pharmaceutical grade. This way you can be ensured about the safety and efficacy of our cosmetics.

brightening-maskWhy use pharmaceutical grade raw materials

Even though many brands are using cosmetic grade raw materials in their products, L’core cosmetics believe in offering quality products to their customers. This way they can be assured of not having any toxic problems on skin and providing the best benefits. Our raw ingredients are subject to State regulations. This is a way to ensure that you are making use of a good quality product. This also means that you get assurance of having a safe shelf life. The pharmaceutical grades of raw materials have to go through various tests in order to comply with the prescribed specifications.  This may even lead to additional testing. Hence they can be more expensive.  But we believe in bringing you products offering the best possible quality. Thus L’core Paris makes use of raw materials that are able to meet all these requirements.

These pharmaceutical grade raw materials need some level of assessments for knowing their potential toxicity as well as quality.  Hence their production steps may be difficult, licensing difficult as the restrictions are higher. But in the end you can be ensured of having a quality product in your hand.

When you are using L’core cosmetics, it means that you do not have to worry about the safety of these products on your skin. This is because you know that they contain raw ingredients of the highest standards which have passed a number of stringent quality tests. No matter how sensitive your skin is, our cosmetics will have no adverse effects on them as you are using products of the utmost quality.

In addition, you can also be assured of the effectiveness of products that you would be using. If any product is made of high quality raw materials that are of pharmaceutical grade, this means that they would be offering you the best results possible. Also, all these ingredients are totally natural botanical extracts. This means that you are making use of natural materials that are completely safe for being used on your delicate skin.