My Brightening Beauty: Short Reviews on Some of the Best Acne Control Products

They say face cleansing builds up the success of your skincare routine. Here’s a list and short reviews some of the best anti-acne product for all skin types:

  1. L’core Paris’ Acne Control Mask – A facial mask that removes and prevents acne from developing in the face. The treatment of this cream is really strong that you can just use it once or twice per week. It also doesn’t dry out the skin unlike other regular anti-acne skincare products.
  2. Murad’s Advanced Acne Control and Wrinkle Reducer – It controls and prevents breakouts. But be careful in using this product. This contains strong ingredients that can really dry out the skin. You can just use it for once a week and you’re good.
  3. Amore Pacific’s Enyzme Peel – A peeling cream that also deeply cleanses the face to prevent and remove blemishes and acne. Since this is a peeling cream, use it once every two weeks to avoid burning out your face with chemicals.