Vitamins in Cosmetics

Vitamins in Cosmetics are effective in providing skin rejuvenation

Topical antioxidants applied through L’core cosmetics tend to produce much higher concentrations in the skin as compared to nutritional supplements. In fact, once a topical antioxidant gets absorbed into the skin, it simply cannot be washed away or rubbed off. This means that even after stopping application of L’core cosmetics, significant amounts of vitamin C contained in it will remain in the skin for a few days.

Rejuvenating the skin by replenishing vitamin C

L’core Paris provides products that can help to maintain healthy and younger-looking skin, especially as we tend to get older with age. They contain Vitamins that help to rebuild youthful skin and work from the inside out. These skin-health benefits are largely attributed to the fact that Vitamin C supports production of healthy collagen. Collagen works with elastin in order to support the skin. Collagen supplies the framework to provide form and firmness while elastin gives flexibility to the skin.

Age-associated damage to the skin occurs when the rate of collagen production is not able to keep pace with its breakdown. This process also gets accelerated by overexposure to sunlight, pollution, and various other environmental factors. Vitamin C in L’core cosmetics help in the formation of collagen and hence provide skin rejuvenation.

vitamin-serumChoose the right cosmetics

You cannot pick
any cosmetics. This is because you need cosmetics that work with your skin type. Even though you want to add moisture while you are sleeping, but oily or combination skin will need much less hydration than dry skin. You need to focus on your biggest concerns. These can be acne, uneven skin tone, wrinkles or fine lines. L’core cosmetics ensure that there is a product just for you.  Give it some time. Do note that no cosmetics are going to miraculously transform your skin overnight. It takes some time for them to show their full effects. Just be patient, and do not forget to apply these products daily.

Along with using L’core Paris products, make sure that you get enough sleep. Have a healthy lifestyle. Do some physical exercise. Eat fresh food. Drink plenty of water. Have regular eating and sleeping pattern. Avoid drinking too much or smoking. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Soon you would be able to see the impact of L’core Paris products through the glow on your skin. Your skin will feel much more firm and tight!