Wrinkless Neck Features and Properties

Wrinkless Neck – Features, Properties and Benefits


Time is continuous, and it runs in a straight line towards the future. Whether you feel like a victim or as a person praised to experience it, we leave it up to you to decide. The older we grow; however, the more signs appear on different areas of our bodies. Dark circles under our eyes wrinkle here and sag there – our everyday efforts have negative consequences as well.


One of the most vulnerable spots on a person’s body is his neck. During the winter you could always hide that area under your clothes at the pretext that you are cold. However, there is no such solution in the warm months, so what could you do about it?


The Wrinkless Neck


L’Core Paris managed to surprise us yet again with their magnificent anti aging sign devices. Designed to fit perfectly on any part of your neck, the device is quite small and compact, but grants you the ability to remove any aging signs you might have on your neck. The head is designed in the form of a dolphin’s tale to improve its efficiency and allow you to access and location on your neck.


Operating on a rechargeable battery, it does not annoy the user with any cable and the potential future troubles you could experience with it. Not only is it an environmentally friendly solution, but it proves to be quite a convenient option as you could recharge the battery via a USB while working on your laptop or even while driving to your end destination.


Wrinkless Neck Features and Properties


The shape of the head of the device is meant to be mainly used for your neck, but it could also be utilized in other areas of the body such as the shoulders and the legs. The device works in a rather simple manner; the head heats up to forty-five degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that the temperature is set by the user of the device. The effused heat improves the blood circulation in the area and enables the skin to relax while removing any fatigue and toxins in the process. It could also improve your metabolism in the long term. A majority of people suffer from neck issues linked to fatigue. The Wrinkless Neck would be the perfect solution for their problem, as it quickly restores energy levels.


The device could be utilized in three different modes, which are differentiated from one another in a different light.


  • Green light mode heats the head to 45 degrees. It also utilizes vibration meant to “shake” the cells in the process and supply them with higher dosages of oxygen.


  • The blue light mode does not use heat, only emits low vibration which could promote the synthesis of collagen and allow for the skin to tighten up.


  • The red light mode is the same with the green light mode in terms of temperature; however, the vibration level is at its peak. It smoothens out fine lines and reduces areas influenced by scars.


With different features such as adjusting the amount of time the device would work and different, but simple modes, the device is quite user-friendly and proves to be the most efficient solution when it comes to skin care.