Wrinkles Eye


One of the areas that are highly affected by age is the area around the eyes. The area is delicate that it needs to be taken care of carefully. That is the reason there is the Wrinkless Eye that uses exceptional sensor technology to stimulate the tissues around the eyes. It also promotes absorption of skin care products that you could be using.


It Has a Sleek Shape


The Wrinkless Eye is designed in a sleek shape that has its own advantages. The shape is to ensure that you do not have any issues when applying it on small areas of the face especially the forehead and around the lips. The shape also makes the device user-friendly and comfortable to hold.


The Device Uses Dual Modes


There are two modes of using Wrinkless Eye which are the Magnetic heat lift and the massage mode.


Magnetic Heat Lift Mode


This mode helps in improving tightness around the eyes and also repairs any aging signs such as fine lines. At 45 degrees Celsius, the device applies more magnetic heat therapy and the best thing is that 3 seconds are enough to get it ready. In this mode, high vibration frequency of 13,000 times per minute is used.


Massage Mode


This is important for the delicate area around the eyes as it gets rid of dark circles and eye bags. It works perfectly in removal of toxins from the skin, eliminates water retention, firms up the skin, boosts elasticity, stimulates fatigued skin and reshapes the contour of the eyes. This is possible in the massage mode that uses a high vibration frequency of 7,000 times per minute.


Supports USB Cable Charging


With the technology advancements, Wrinkless Eye has not been left behind. It supports USB Cable charging and is battery operated. With this, the battery will not be down, and you can apply the device anywhere.


Use of Blue and Red Light Wave


Daily use of Wrinkless Eye reduces the melanin production around the eyes, boosts the elasticity of the skin and reduces the appearance of under eye circles that can be quite irritating. This is because the red and the blue light wave the device uses penetrates deep into the skin giving you a multitude of benefits.


It has an Egornomic Design


Ergonomically designed devices are known to be comfortable while using. The Wrinkless Eye comes in an ergonomic design which makes it easy and comfortable to use.




Wrinkless eye is small in size and light in weight. This means that you can carry it wherever you want to go and at any time.


If you have been dealing with under eye circles, the Wrinkless Eye is the best device to use. It is compact; it is dual mode, it has an ergonomic design and supports USB cable charging. Its sleek shape makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold in the hands. Your skin will be firmer, and it will easily absorb the skincare products that you are using.